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Programs: What We Do


Making A Difference


(530) 298-0627

Adoptive families feel most comfortable by talking with a person who has walked in their shoes. Our hotline is operated by experienced adoptive parents. This parent advocate serves as a peer to process with as well as a community resource guide.  Often families who are overwhelmed already have an ‘never-ending to do list’ and the relief of making one phone call can remove the obstacle of accessing services and provide tremendous relief to overwhelmed families.

Girl Texting


Connect to others

Everyone can benefit from being a part of a community of peers where you can talk about similar experiences, discuss topics you’re all interested in and learn from each other. Even if you’re not the one who needs support right now, maybe you can provide that support for others who do need it. Come join a friendly and local adoption community! FREE childcare provided

Support Group


Connecting Teens

Our monthly teen group combines fun with skill building and connection! All members of the group are adopted and experiencing similar issues, allowing them to see that the problems they are facing are the same as many other adopted teens. Led by a licensed therapist with support by trained mentors, we help your teen to feel more comfortable in their surroundings and make it more likely that they are willing to open up and discuss what is happening to them, giving them a greater change at healing and growth.

Dancing on Rooftop


Connecting Children

This monthly event provides FREE respite services to adoptive families for temporary relief to those that care for children with complex mental health issues. While families may take great joy in providing care for their loved ones, the physical and emotional consequences for the family caregiver can be overwhelming without some support, such as respite. Respite provides a break for the whole family, which research shows, is beneficial for everyone involved.

Children coloring


Connect to Resources

Adoptive families—especially those who adopt children from foster care—often need extra support. Many children in foster care, including those waiting for adoption, have special physical, mental health, and developmental needs resulting from past trauma, drug and alcohol exposure, and multiple and unexplained separations and loses. Parents need additional knowledge and support in dealing with these complex issues. Mental health professionals need the proper adoption-competent training, which is crucial as child trauma and adoption issues presents unique challenges for these families.

Professional Attending a Seminar


Connect to Each Other

Family events occur throughout the year which include but are not limited to Family BBQs, Movies in the Park, Water Days, Family Skate Night and more. The events are intentionally designed for families and youth to have FUN together while connecting with other adoptive families and having supportive staff nearby. These events are designed to engage youth and families in activities in a fun way while connecting families to resources and learning and practicing communication, coping and social skills in a different environment.

Family Picnic


Connect to Adoption Competent Therapists

Access to adoption-competent mental health services is a critical factor in the outcomes for these children and their adoptive families and the success of their adoptions. Kindred Hearts has dedicated thousands of hours of trainings, certifications, and consultations to better address the mental health & developmental needs of children in foster, adoptive or guardianship families.

Child Counseling


Connect to Other Adopted Youth

Our week-long day camp for adoptive youth is set up to empower your child, strengthen friendships, and provide opportunities they may not normally be given. We create a safe environment that gives your child an opportunity to learn and have fun during the summer!

Friends at Camp


Connect to Services

Wraparound is a planning process for adoptive families that follows a series of steps to help children and their families realize their hopes and dreams. The Wraparound process also helps make sure children and youth grow up in their homes and communities. It is a team-based process that helps groups of people involved in your family’s life work together toward a common goal. With help from a Wraparound facilitator, people from the family’s life work together, coordinate their activities, and blend their perspectives of the family’s situation.

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